I guess it's feedback?

Oh man, I just received the weirdest feedback on Unique over at FF (...which I apparently haven't updated since 2013. And not because it's FF, but because I haven't been active in fandom that long...yikes). The comments were well intentioned and passionate, but also ???

Mainly, they thought it needed a new ending, one in which Dexter and the Winchesters talk things out.

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I read a book recently, and I just can’t quite get it out of my head. Not maybe in the usual way, but this was a middling book by a damn good author, you know? So it didn’t shine the way it might have, otherwise, but there was something magnetic about it anyway. In someways it felt like a sketched out draft. Not in the writing, necessary, but in the way the plot elements fit together. Almost gelling, but….just not quite fitting. Even though it was a delightful read. But the reason that I can’t just leave it as a fluffy delightful thing without much substance, as I would be able to with anything else, is because there was this shining core of a story and a character relationship that hooked me and hooked me hard, and I want it. I want that story, that seed of a story, but there isn’t enough there for me to concretely say what I would have rather the story been. It’s just this nagging sense that there’s a perfectly developed whole, just waiting to be carved out and revealed.

The element that caught me was, well:

a character's life derailed by unexpected mishap, experiencing something confusing, terrifying, overwhelming, isolating, but then someone who doesn't particularly have a reason to show them kindness does so.

A character whose life has been hard and isolating unexpectedly having the hope that they're not alone dangled in front of them, and just as quickly dashed, because they're not meeting a fellow traveler who could lend them support, but someone who has been suddenly forced upon the road and is overwhelmed and hostile. But they show that person kindness, and support and help them, even though most people'd absolve them of washing their hands of it, because they can't leave someone to be as alone as they were.

And the connection between two people, trust and vulnerability and fellowship and love.

Urgh. I want it.

Driveby LJ

Got an unusual recommendation, flist. But man, it's great and addictive. It's a podcast/radio play called Wolf 359. It's funny, and it goes very quickly from wacky hijinks to wacky hijinks and murder.

I've taken to describing it as "LOST, but as a workplace comedy." (or maybe LOST + Scrubs + Courage the Cowardly Dog). The premise: three people and an AI stuck out on a space station out in the middle of nowhere and doing a lot of nothing much. Each episode is about 20-30 minutes long. I was mildly amused by the first couple, but by the time it got to the plant monster, I was hooked.

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So I've gone back to finish watching Leverage. I know a lot of folks here and on tumblr like it, but it started to drag for me at a certain point. Having started it again, though, I think that's mostly to marathon fatigue; it's an episodic show (with larger on-going character plotlines, but still) and if you watch too many in a row, you start noticing the structure more than the individual episodes so it blurs and it can stop being fun. This is not a complaint about episodic shows: it's just why marathons of them should be spaced out - at least for me.

ANYWAY, now that I'm rounding the final bases, I can see a lot of the things that I've seen from fandom - certain character dynamics or tics that hadn't really solidified in the episodes I'd seen.

So you know: enjoying it.


So I've gotten to the winery episode. (Well, half way through it.) And it's really killing me. There are just enough details to show that someone did their research, but then there are other things that are JUST! SO! WILDLY! WRONG! that they can only described as having reached the level of "so off base, it's not even wrong."Collapse )
So there's that.

In other news, I got my hair done today. I had to have it cut really short (for me) to get rid of the last of the evil layers a hairdresser put in about two years ago. (My hair is fine: layers just make my hair look ragged, and the hair on the end tends to et more damaged. I can get the same look by just not cutting my hair for a year). But now it's really short when I braid it, so that's weird to get used to again. But it looks nice. Despite the communication difficulties that lead me to get full color instead of just the extremely fine and numerous highlights I usually get (because then when it grows out it's not obvious), and also, my hair is now slightly strawberry blonde.

I think i'm going to blame the x-files

I just read a spy thriller about a vampire sworn to serve the office of the president eternally and  his handler and their struggles against the CIA, run rampant and getting up to all sorts of evil things, as well as lizard men (who are also kind of zombies). it was kind of one of those raving paranoia type stories. Crosses and double crosses and also some chthonic horrors.

And I liked it.  (I recently told someone that my favorite books/movies/tv shows were all ones that involved piling absurdities on absurdities. I wasn't really thinking about it when I said it. But it's probably the most accurate description of my preferences possible).

If the author wasn't a huge x-files fan, I will eat my hat. It's very much in that vein (hah.) Not so much the Mulder & Scully dynamic, which is absent, but in taking all sorts of lunatic conspiracy theories, dropping them in a blender, and just running with it.

Agent Carter

I'm really enjoying Agent Carter. (and not just for reaper alums)

I'm not too bothered about ships or pairings or anything, but every time a guy makes doe eyes at Peggy, I half laugh in delight, because well, they SHOULD. More seriously, I think what I like about it is that the doe-eyes are always in relation to her being awesome, not "oh, she's so nice and pretty" which is the standard doe-eyes justification. It's more along the lines of that bit in Korra, where what Korra looks like is not even in the top ten of reasons Bolin thinks she's crushworthy.

Doctor Who Christmas Special

I loved it, and it has left me a twitching pile of emotion. Twitching piles of emotion aren't very good at reaction posts, so this is going to be mine for now.

Also, I am going to be shipping 12/River forever. (or you know, "shipping", but whatever means just imagining them playing off each other). It was everything I'd ever thought a 12 / River dynamic would be.