Seisachtheia (claudiapriscus) wrote,

I think i'm going to blame the x-files

I just read a spy thriller about a vampire sworn to serve the office of the president eternally and  his handler and their struggles against the CIA, run rampant and getting up to all sorts of evil things, as well as lizard men (who are also kind of zombies). it was kind of one of those raving paranoia type stories. Crosses and double crosses and also some chthonic horrors.

And I liked it.  (I recently told someone that my favorite books/movies/tv shows were all ones that involved piling absurdities on absurdities. I wasn't really thinking about it when I said it. But it's probably the most accurate description of my preferences possible).

If the author wasn't a huge x-files fan, I will eat my hat. It's very much in that vein (hah.) Not so much the Mulder & Scully dynamic, which is absent, but in taking all sorts of lunatic conspiracy theories, dropping them in a blender, and just running with it.
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