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Because all the cool kids have them. I can also be found on Ao3 and

A/N: I'm not putting ratings or warnings here. Please see the individual posts for more details. Highest rating is probably R, for horror, violence, or language.  Nothing here has required any of the classic trigger warnings, to my knowledge, but if you spot something, please let me know and I'll change it accordingly.

Multi-chapter Fic

4-F Avengers Fic. "Everything special about you came out of a bottle." An accident robs Steve of the super serum. If you take away that, what's left?10k words.

Canaan SPN reverse bang fic. 5.16 AU in which Sam and Dean's dead bodies are discovered... and no one involved goes home happy as a result. ~11k words

Solo Cups (Silver Linings) SPN reverse bang fic. Set late season 5. Dean runs into Cassie while investigating the strange fortunes of a small town. She's a little surprised to see him, considering he supposedly died in 2008.
Syndicated Sci-Fi Show, SPN Crossover Big Bang entry. SPN/SG1. Set during Changing Channels, a 30k version of the comment fic of the same name (it's listed below.) ~34K words

Unique ,  2011 SPN Crossover Big Bang. SPN/Dexter. No one kills in Dexter's town and gets away with it.~34K words

Multi-Fandom Oneshots and Comment Fic

A(ged)vengers. Pinch-hit foravengersfest . The Avengers as a retirement home.

Distance Fringe fic. Elizabeth lost her son to men who wore the same face. She knows about difference, but she's learned that distance is nothing but a beautiful lie. Set 4x09 (the episode where Red!Elizabeth meets Amber!Walter)

There's Only One Phoenix (It's Not Me): Iron Man 3. There's no rebirth waiting for you. Pepper POV.

SPN One Shots and Comment Fic
From most recent to oldest.

Requiem Jess is naught but a memory, dragged in Sam's wake across miles and years, a ghost even to the ghosts.

Scene from a Dark AU: This came out of a discussion about a season 4 Dean who reacted to OTHOAP very differently, and just went John Crichton-ish crazy, all dangerously erratic and embracing it.

There' More Than One Of Everything for counteragent, my entry into the 2012 spn summer gen exchange. Fringe/SPN: The last thing a sheriff needs is a couple of feds of dubious veracity butting into her murder investigation.

Battle Song : for honeylocusttree for her request of a story about the boys, immortal and separated, over at scifi_spn. ~4K words

Slow Bullet (the Ellen Remix). A remix of SoundingSea's drabble Ellen. Ellen's in it for the long haul.

The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse (but never any zombies) A kind of post 5.22 fic that haunted me all summer until 6.01 aired and it suddenly worked as a retrospective coda to the premiere, so I finished it. "It's on the news again, squeezed in between a cultural segment on Día de los Muertos and the weather report, but he's not going to think about it." ~6K words

Grace Note (Appoggiatura) Gabriel watches his brother at the end of everything. End 'verse AU, inspired by an art entry into the Casfest.~5Kwords

Prophet in his Own Land . Summer Gen 2010 entry: No good deed goes unpublished.

Meridian Prompt: Anna visits Castiel in the hospital, for the cuddle-fic meme.

Fermata A "Hammer of the Gods" coda. Fermata: The prolongation of a tone, chord, or rest beyond its indicated time value.

Messenger, for the BAMF-Castiel/Schmoop party. The prompt was for something with Dean's oath in 4x21.

Embraced, same as above, but for a prompt about Cas being hugged. Not schmoopy, I promise.

Syndicated Sci-Fi Show, the original comment-fic version, for the "Kripke Started It" crossover meme.

Ithaca A random scene that popped into my head, about Jo and a mentor of hers after a hunt.
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